Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Is it possible that's I've only written 4 blog posts this year?  I suppose so.  I'm busy and I think I've fallen into the trap of the perfectionist; I don't want to post anything unless the pictures/recipes/ideas are perfect.  This is a tragic trap so many amateur bloggers fall into and it makes me sad that it happened here because there is so much I want to tell you!

The first, most exciting and most important news is that I'm pregnant!  Baby Hoverter will be joining us around Valentine's Day 2014 and we couldn't be more thrilled.  The last months have been a haze of nausea and fatigue and I'm hopeful that I'll start to feel more myself very soon.

I was going to tell you all about teaching and writing and seeing patients and playing with Duncan but suddenly growing a baby seems like enough (and I might need to go throw up).  Suffice to say, I'm thinking of you all and I'm still here, just very, very quiet.  Enjoy the day!