Monday, November 3, 2014

Jovial Gluten Free Traditional Egg Pasta

Do you see this pasta?  Yes, it's a terrible photograph.  Shockingly, snapping a quick pic under the glare of my dining room lamp didn't get the best picture ever.  But, look under the crispy fried salami and the artichoke hearts and the shallots.  You see the noodles?  Those noodles are fantastic!  I've always loved egg noodles, but I had resigned myself to an egg-noodle-free existence because I couldn't find gluten-free ones.  Yet last time I was at Fred Meyer, I turned, and there sat this lovely little box!

Isn't their picture more attractive?  I'm sure they didn't have an 8-month-old fussing at them, and had time to set up their photography lights.  Anyhoo, I cooked up my pasta and tossed it with a white wine shallot sauce, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes and crispy genoa salami. 

Absolutely delish! 

Have you had Jovial Gluten Free Traditional Egg Pasta?  What did you think?