Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Poached eggs with greens and bacon and hollondaise sauce

Have you ever made a meal based around a sauce? Or not even a sauce, but a component of a sauce? I had a bunch of left-over egg yolks from the previous night's dessert making extravaganza and there was no way I'm wasting perfectly good farm-fresh (literally) egg parts! So, where do you go when you have a plethra of egg yolk to dispose of? Why, Ms. Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking of course. After reading entire sections on sauces and custard (and meandering through aspics just for the sheer joy of reading a cookbook), I settled on hollondaise sauce. I will admit that I had an inkling that was the direction I was headed because I've never met a Bennie that I don't like but I figured I had to give a fair shot to the other 17 sauces listed in the book. I'm proud to say that this meal is 100% local (I'm not looking at the Organic Valley butter too hard). It can be eaten with bread but I didn't wan't bread last night so I didn't eat it.

1) Brown 2 slices of chopped bacon in a heavy-bottom skillet.

2) Wash and chop green ans add to skillet. I honestly can't remember what I bought at the market. I think it's some kind of kale that's now budding. It tasted a bit like broccoli.

3) Make hollondaise sauce. I used a food processor but you can do it by hand. Check Ms. Child's recipe for the specifics but it involves beautiful raw eggs, lemon juice, salt and lots and lots of butter.

4) Poach egg, place over greens and bacon, drizzle with hollondaise and sprinkle with paprika. Enjoy!

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