Monday, June 28, 2010

Barbara's Contest

Have you ever had Barbara's Cereal?  When I could eat gluten, I loved the Shredded Spoonfuls.  My husband and I used to eat them every day.  Nowadays I don't eat cereal and it's not just because I don't eat gluten.  Cereal is expensive so we stopped buying it when money got tight and we never went back.  Now I eat eggs and oatmeal and amaranth and potatoes.  Simple whole foods.  But, I still love cereal and every so often, I buy a box just for a treat.

Do you eat cereal?  What kind do you like?

Barbara's is currently doing a company makeover and wants to offer your family the same opportunity.  Part of their package is a consultation with Cheryl Forberg, RD, one of the the great nutrition experts of our time.  If you enter this contest, consider the trip to California a perk and the real prize that you get to work with Cheryl.

Interested in entering?  Click here.

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