Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Airplane Food and Single-Serving Friends

Mt. Rainier from the plane
I fly to Michigan a lot.  In fact, I went four times last year and totaled about 40 days there.  I’m by no means a frequent flyer—I don’t travel for business and I don’t take many vacations—but I’ve been flying all my life and I’m a pro. 

This last trip I sat next to a fascinating woman involved with a group that will be financed by Donald Trump.  She and several other passengers were on their way to Charlotte for a convention.  I never asked for the details, but by listening to conversations I determined that the members progress through levels with titillating names like QBT and ETM.  I also got the impression she was trying to recruit me for something or other.  Fortunately, I was taking enough Dramamine to make the conversation hazy.

When this woman first sat down, I was immediately struck by how shiny she was.  Her black purse was fringed with gold baubles and faux diamonds.  She had a ring on her finger that must have been two inches in diameter, also gold and diamond.  The scrunchie in her hair was made of gold cubes and her shiny lavender eye shadow was an exact match for her shiny lavender jacket.  In fact, the only non-glittering thing about her was a paperback copy of a Donald Trump biography.

On this last flight we were given the choice between peanuts, cookies and pretzels for our snack.  The journalist to my right went with cookies and the shiny woman went with pretzels.  Guess what I ate?

I always pack food when I travel, but what I pack depends greatly on what’s available.  Lately it’s been almond butter with bread and an apple.  Sometimes I pack rice crackers and purchase tuna salad to put on them at the airport.  I’ve done hummus and carrots, fried egg on a bagel, and snack bars.  This trip I enjoyed a lovely peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast, homemade chocolate chip cookies, an apple and, of course, the peanuts.

What do you eat on your airplane rides?


  1. I usually fly delta, and the molasses cookies always tempt me, but get the peanuts instead. If I bring raisins with, I get peanuts and pretzels and make my own trail mix to share with my husband.

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