Monday, December 19, 2011

What's the best medicine for overall health?

Thank you to Fanatic Cook for finding this amazing and informative video.

So, what's the best medicine?  Exercise at least 30 minutes per day.  That exercise can just be walking!  Seriously, watch the video.


  1. omg. It's a good video. It has shamed me into walking!

  2. Good for you Bix! I have the walking down since we got little D but not doing much other exercise and I definitely have too much screen time!

  3. I have watched this video which is truly informative. There are amount of weight watchers who are obsessed and can't change their eating habits. First of all we should have to make proper diet and exercise schedule.

  4. Yes of course walking and keep exercising are the best medicines for one to live a healthy life.
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  5. Amazing video. I really like to watched this video. I think Laughter and exercising is the best medicines for all generation. Thanks for the nice information.

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  6. I really like your post and specially i like to watch the video. I really enjoyed to watch this video. I think best medicines for over all health are do more and more exercise and drink more and more water.

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