Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Island Soul Caribbean Cuisine

Little Islands
On Saturday, I went out with the girls for a night on the town and we decided to try Island Soul Caribbean Cuisine down in Columbia City.  I'd reviewed the menu before going just to confirm there was gluten-free food available that I could eat but honestly, I wasn't that concerned.  Anymore, my expectations for gluten-free restaurant dining includes salad and a little meat.  That's it.

Oh, how I was in for a treat!

Once we were seated, tropical drinks in hand, our server walked right up to the table to discuss the menu, particularly all the gluten-free options available!  Was this a dream?  Had someone warned her?  Nope.  This is standard practice at Island Soul.

Island Vatapa

Have I mentioned that every single lady present at our table is a dietitian?  We are a particular group and don't take attestations of gluten-free cuisine lightly.  Our lovely waitresses experienced only momentary doubt when she determined our identities and then sallied boldly forth into the breach!

Oh. My. Goodness.  This may be the Caribbean cocktail talking but the food was luscious.  We started with sweet fried plantains, coconut prawns (not GF) and little islands of corn meal cups filled with black beans and went from there.

Curried Goat

I had the Curried Goat, which was perfectly spiced with hints of cinnamon and falling off the bone.  Halfway through our mean, the chef came out and was appalled to find we hadn't ordered collard greens and insisted on sending some out.  If you go to Island Soul for no other reason than the greens, it will be worth the trip.

Collard Greens

After interrogating our chef, I found that he boils his greens for 2 1/2 hours with nothing other than rice wine vinegar, a little garlic and olive oil and then adds other vegetables at the end.  That's it.  I cannot wait to try this at home!

Please, go!  My pictures don't do the restaurant justice.  Sadly, this is one area where my trusty phone is woefully deficient.

Disclaimer: It is up to you to confirm that dishes are truly gluten-free and that the kitchen is adhering to safe production practices.  As always, you are responsible for your own health!

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  1. I just visited Seattle this past May, what an amazing city. Love this post, I live in the Georgia and collard greens are on almost every menu. Tonight I made mustard greens for the first time, they were very tasty. I wanted to eat the whole pot!