Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vote NO on I-1107!

Have you heard of I-1107? 

If you believe the lobbyists from the American Beverage Association, this initiative is about repealing food taxes.  Last year, Washington State voters approved a temporary tax on soda, bottled water and candy that goes into effect in 2012 and expires in 2013.  Unfortunately, the American Beverage Association will not tolerate even minute and temporary taxation of its massive profits, and it has contributed over ten million dollars to this initiative. This makes it the most well-funded initiative in Washington State history.

How do you define food?  Does bottled water meet your definition?  How about soda and candy?  Would you serve your family a candy casserole for dinner?

In this blogger's opinion, Initiative 1107 is a blatant attempt by the soda industry to redefine their sugary, unhealthy product as food, and it should not pass.

VOTE NO ON I-1107!

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