Thursday, December 16, 2010

Scalloped Corn

Ingredients for Scalloped Corn

I’ve lived a lot of places in my life but in my heart, I’m a midwest girl.  Traditionally, holidays have been about how many carbs you can cram into one meal.  Mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, stuffing, the list goes on.  Quite frankly, I can live without every single one of those dishes for my holiday feast as long as I have scalloped corn.

Have you eaten scalloped corn?

Creamed Corn -- the base of the recipe.

I don't have any idea where the recipe came from, but I know that my great grandmothers were making it long before I was born.  Growing up, there wasn't a Thanksgiving or Christmas without it.

Place butter on top before pressing it into the middle of the dish with your finger

So simple it can be thrown together in five minutes, scalloped corn makes an excellent side dish for practically any meal.  Is it healthy?  No, not really.  But if fulfills a certain nostalgia from my childhood and I hope it can grace your table as well.

GF crackers in a ziplock bag being crushed with a rolling pin

In the gluten-filled version, you can use saltine crackers.  The proportions are 1 can creamed corn to one egg and ¼ package of saltines.  Or you can make it gluten-free!

Scalloped Corn!

Scalloped Corn

2 cans creamed corn
2 eggs
2 oz GF crackers (non-flavored work best)

  1. Lightly beat eggs in a medium bowl.  Mix in creamed corn.
  2. Place crackers in a sealed zip lock bag.  With a rolling pin, crush crackers until they form a medium-fine crumb.  Add to corn mixture.  Add salt if using unsalted crackers.  Add pepper to taste.
  3. Place in an 8x8 baking dish and dollop butter on top.  With your finger, gently press the butter into the center of the corn mixture.
  4. Bake 45 minutes to 1 hour or until the scalloped corn has firmed up but still jiggles slightly.
Serve warm.



  1. Oh yes!!! I've been wondering about scalloped corn. It looks so good. What GF crackers do you use? I've yet to find any that aren't gross-tasting to me. The ones in your pictures look really good!

  2. I have found that canned creamed corn has modified corn starch in it (which I've read that "modified" can mean that some of the starch may and often is derived from wheat). Are you using any particular brand of certified gluten free creamed corn? This looks very yummy!! Thanks...Jodi