Monday, December 20, 2010

Sick and Tired

I'm sick. It the kind of sick that's all on the inside. Stomach in knots, limbs shaky and weak, I could throw up at any moment. In fact, I have. I've been laying on the couch and sleeping for the last 24 hours, trying desperately to get better because I have a little community show tonight!

Did you know that I sing? I'm a new singer, as in, I started singing about a year ago with absolutely no musical background but somehow I ended up singing in an ensemble. We are performing tonight. After months of work, our show MUST go on! We are putting on four scenes from operas by Barber and Menotti, as well as some choral numbers, and yours truly is the equivalent of a back-up dancer. I do a bit of singing but mostly I'm on stage supporting our real talent. I love it. Every minute.
Sunshine relaxing on the couch with me

So, what have I been eating to recover from this stomach bug? Carbs. It's all I want. I poached a chicken breast in instant broth, and then added noodles. I was trying for protein, but mostly I picked around the pieces of chicken and ate the noodles and broth. I also cooked yams in the microwave and ate them mashed with a touch of butter. Normally when I'm sick I like poached eggs, but we've been without eggs for days and the store seemed so far away.

What do you eat when you're sick? What makes you feel better!

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