Thursday, October 27, 2011

Canyon Bakehouse

Have you heard of Canyon Bakehouse?  I hadn't until I noticed their burger buns next to Udi's in my local grocery store.  See that picture up there?  The buns actually look like that, and they don't fall apart when confronted with ketchup or pub sauce.  And you know what?  They taste fantastic!  I may be risking blasphemy in the GF community when I say I like these buns better than Udi's, but... I like these buns better than Udi's!

Lately I've been living off the San Juan 7 Grain Bread.  It stays moist over several days, enough so that I can just make a sandwich without toasting the bread.  The nutritional profile is similar to Udi's whole grain bread and though they're both a little low in fiber for my taste (2 g per slice for Canyon Bakehouse, 1 g per slice for Udi's Whole Grain Bread), both companies are doing their best to get us GF folks a tasty, nutritious bread.

Thus far, the only Canyon Bakehouse products I've seen in the store are the bread and buns, but I'd be interested to try more of their products.  

Have you tried Canyon Bakehouse?  What do you think?

* Picture above from Canyon Bakehouse website,
** I have no affiliation with Udi's or Canyon Bakehouse and I am not paid to endorse either company.  The opinions expressed above are my own, as a consumer of their products.

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  1. I have tasted both and they are fine but for some reason i always go back to Katz Gluten Free Challah bread, i use it for franch toast for pizza bread for a sandwich it's good for everything.