Thursday, May 17, 2012

Farmer's Market Lunch

Ben and I have been heading off to the Ballard Farmer's Market with some regularity again.  We used to go every Sunday but somehow got derailed last October.  We go to the farmers market before going to the grocery store so we can get the freshest possible produce and last Sunday, when we came home from the market, we realized that the only food in the house was what we just bought so we made a simple scramble for lunch.

Here's where we bought our food:

Stokesberry Sustainable Farm: Eggs

Wilson Fish: Smoked Salmon

Port Madison Farms: Goat cheese

Sea Breeze Farm: Raw milk tea*

Miro Tea: Assam

Kale tops from our garden!

How much local food do you eat?  Where do you shop?

* Consuming raw and unpasteurized milk carries an increased risk of illness


  1. I only shop at the farmer's market, I work there every Saturday so I conveniently get my groceries for a week there, by being wise and opting for sme hardier vegetables that will last longer through the week. The produce there is so fresh anyyway, so they last mucH longer than those you get off the supermarket shelves, which have already been flown in from halfway around the world and sitting in storage. that looks like a brilliant lunch, fresh, seasonal, simple but tasty!

  2. Fabulous Shu Han! What are your favorite simple lunches to make from farmer's market food? What are you located? I'm sure if you're outside of seattle the food you have access to is different than my food...